Specialists in landscaping, construction, maintenance of gardens and swimming pools

Atzabara Ibiza

In Atzabara we are specialized in landscaping, the maintenance and construction of exteriors and gardens to suit your likes and needs. After more than 20 years’ experience we offer a wide range of services in different areas with intelligent solutions for the surroundings.

With our own farm, nursery, vans warehouses and every kind of cutting-edge machinery, we are convinced our production, execution, maintenance and labour is highly professional.

20 years’ experience

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    Design and landscaping

    Our team consists of the best specialists in the green industry. As an additional service we offer the option of making the site assessment, followed by the full drafting of the landscaping project, with drawings, specifications and detailed information for constructing the garden.

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    Public gardening

    We take care of beautifying the gardens of many public works such as the design and layout of gardens, parks, promenades, green belts, driveways and public roads. The aim is to create beauty and to enhance the natural resources. Each place, because of its particular features, requires a special treatment.

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    Private gardening

    We offer quality projects with personal and serious customer service. After 20 years’ experience, we are specialists and we have worked for many leading companies in the construction sector, as well as for celebrities living in Ibiza and Formentera.

Integrated projects

From the idea to your garden

Our team handles all the aspects of the development of a garden or a job to be performed, controlling every step to achieve a good result. We design, execute and maintain to keep your garden looking as nice as possible and to make it a sustainable project.

Some factors such as location, size, quality of construction and materials, are essential to give a property a good value. We have all kind of construction materials, fertilizers, specimens and plants, vehicles, warehouses and a nursery to offer you the best service.

Whether we are dealing with homes, premises, housing estates, companies or even shopping centres we handle your garden or property in full.

Our team

Eduardo Marí

Founder and manager of the comapny Atzabara Ibiza Garden Design

Adrià Ribas

Agroenvironmental and Landscape Engineer, landscaper and construction management.
In charge of landscaping and construction management.

Mariela Gómez

She is in charge of the offices and administrative issues.

Jimmy Espinoza

Maintenance manager
Of houses and villas

Antonio Alvarez

Construction of gardens
Official in charge of works and projects

Leonardo León

Maintenance manager
Of communities and pools

Alberto Díaz

Projects, works and maintenance manager

Mhammed Moghli

Maintenance manager
In Formentera

Oscar Amador

Specials in Gardening and special works

Our customers speak...

Casa Na Xamena

"As property developer and project manager, I have been working for over 18 years with Edu and his company. I tried with other gardening companies and renowned landscapists, but I always come back to Edu. I like his creativity, his precise work and the finishing of the garden, which is always spectacular.”


Uwe Richtberg

Property developer

Urbanización La Joya

"With Atzabara we enjoy comprehensive quality maintenance at the right price.”

Rafael Quirós

Property administrator

Casa Atalaya

"Thanks to the care and good work of Atzabara and its team, we have been enjoying a lovely garden for 8 years."

Casa Atalaya

Administrator - Constructor

Osmosis XXI Consultores

"Atzabara makes sure our garden is in perfect condition all the time.”

Osmosis XXI Consultores

Private customer

Can March

"Very good garden design, gardening work and finally also a professional maintenance job.”

Hannes Ritter

Promoter - Constructor

Grupo Boned Escanellas

"Thanks to the work carried out by Eduardo Marí and his team, we have managed to make our two hotel establishments, Hotel Casbah and Apartamentos Ses Eufabietes, currently a benchmark for gardening and landscaping on the island of Formentera. With Atzabara Ibiza Gardens we managed, many years ago, to build luxury exteriors with spectacular and top gardens. And most importantly, continuous and excellent maintenance that allows us year after year to enjoy these magnificent gardens, both for us and for our clients and visitors. Congratulations Atzabara Ibiza Gardens for your work, service, treatment and professionalism”

Juan Vicente Boned

Manager Boned Escañellas Group